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Achilles Tendon Repair Specialist

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Your Achilles tendon is the largest in your body and connects your calf muscle to your heel. Though strong, any sudden force on the tendon may cause a tear or rupture. Achilles tendon repair is the primary treatment for this type of injury. Andrew Bernhard, DPM, and Kaitlyn Bernhard, DPM, at Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists in State College, Pennsylvania, use the most advanced surgical tools and techniques when performing Achilles tendon repair. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Achilles Tendon Repair Q & A

What is Achilles tendon repair?

Achilles tendon repair is a surgical procedure that fixes an Achilles tendon tear or rupture. 

Your Achilles tendon is a tough and fibrous tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the bottom of your foot and helps you walk, run, and jump. You may tear the Achilles tendon from a forceful turn of the foot or a hard landing from a jump.

You may also be at risk of an Achilles tendon tear if you have tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon) or tendinopathy (degeneration of the proteins in the tendon). 

During an Achilles tendon repair, the providers at Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists stitch the tear back together. 

Who needs an Achilles tendon repair?

The surgeons at Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists determine who needs Achilles tendon repair after a consultation. They may recommend surgery if you have a ruptured tendon — or a complete tear. 

You may also need an Achilles tendon repair if you have tendinopathy. However, the surgeons may recommend medical interventions for tendinopathy patients before surgery. 

What happens during Achilles tendon repair?

Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists uses the most advanced surgical tools and techniques when repairing an Achilles tendon injury. 

For Achilles tendon repair, your surgeon will attempt to bring the ruptured ends of the tendon back towards each other to allow for healing. They remove the damaged ends and stitch the torn parts back together.

If you have severe damage, your surgeon may replace some or all of your Achilles tendon with a tendon from your foot. Your surgeon then closes the incisions and sends you to the recovery area. 

How long is recovery following Achilles tendon repair?

Recovery following Achilles tendon repair varies. Your surgeon at Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists provides specific instructions for at-home care during the recovery phase.

You need to stay off the ankle for at least two weeks so the wound can heal. Your foot and ankle surgeon closely monitors the healing process and sends you to physical therapy to support the recovery process.

Most patients resume their usual activities about six months after surgery, but full recovery may take up to nine months.

To discuss Achilles tendon repair with the foot and ankle experts, call Tussey Mountain Foot & Ankle Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.